REVIEW: – Online Platform for Teachers and Students Looking for Teachers

Full Title: – lessonsonly.comlogo

Developers: LessonsOnly out of Denver, CO

Released: 2014

Platforms: The internet – any browser

Price: $12.95 a month

Summary: LessonsOnly is an online platform for teachers to have an online presence to attract new students and for students to find and compare teachers. All teachers get their own multi-page web profile where they can provide studio and biographical information as well as all the services they offer and students can search for and compare different teachers in their area and contact them directly from the online profile.

The Pros: There is no doubt that having an online presence is important these days if you want to attract new students. But one of the most challenging aspects of having an online presence is actually getting seen in search engines. LessonsOnly offers a service to not only provide you with an online profile to showcase your studio but also takes care of the Search Engine Optimization so that you can be found. For those teachers who do not currently have a studio website, you can fill out your profile with as much detailed information as you like including pictures, videos, and student reviews. The profile can also link to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media pages and allows a potential student to email the teacher directly from the profile. If the teacher has a website, you can link your web address to the online profile as well.

A screenshot of the online profile - specifically lesson details

A screenshot of the online profile – specifically lesson details

Filling in the profile is quite easy. When you sign up, you create a username and password and are guided through the fill-in process. It is similar to filling in a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. They guide you through specific categories and you write as much information as you wish. You set your own prices and what types of lessons you teach. Include as many social media links as your like, the more links you have, the better your SEO is.

Customer service seems to be top-notch with a desire to help you as much as you need. The representative who originally contacted me offered to speak to me on the phone to guide me through the process.

The search feature for students to find teachers is simple and location specific. They also claim that they do background checks on all teachers who sign up so that parents of younger students can feel a little more comfort.

The Cons: This is a very new platform and therefore, the promise of excellent SEO is currently not a reality. They are advertising about a hundred different types of lessons that students can search (yoga, tutoring, music, sports, etc.) but very few of these lessons actually have any teacher profiles listed currently. They only have three music teachers listed at this time and one of them is my mock profile. It is going to take quite a while for the site to beef up the number of teacher profiles and thus make the site a good resource for teachers to appear in the search engines. When I did a Google Search for “Regina Zona Voice Teacher,” the LessonsOnly profile did appear on the first page. But when I searched for “Voice Teacher Yonkers, NY,” my LessonsOnly profile wasn’t listed anywhere on the first 5 pages of search results (I stopped looking after that).

Recommendation: The idea of this service is excellent. And truly $12.95 a month is a reasonable fee for SEO services not to mention that if you have very little skills in creating websites and feel you really want to showcase your studio online, this is a relatively easy platform.. However at this stage of the game in the site’s development, you might not get your money’s worth…yet. It might be worth a try with the offers they are giving to our readers (see below) to be on the starting end of this site which could eventually be a good resource. Perhaps try it for a few months and see if your search engine results improve. If you already have an online presence and want to spread your reach then this is a viable option. Of course, the best thing to do if to advertise your services on social media and with your mailing list as much as possible and you can include your link to your LessonsOnly profile, which will also help in your rankings.

Offers for our Readers: 
A Free Month’s Website, Directory listing and Hosting service at
A Discounted Monthly Rate when services are continued beyond the free trial period

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  1. Michell says:

    I love the way you write throughout REVIEW: – Online Platform for Teachers
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  3. N V Sathyanarayana says:

    Hi, I am a Flute Teacher from India and have 30+ years of experience in Teaching. Can you please help me get the details on how to set the portal and create a platform to teach online?

  4. it looks like a nice website but it doesnt seem to focus specifically on music lesssons. If you want private music lessons in your own home or in a studio check out

  5. José Luis says:

    Interesante plataforma, dentro de la industria de la música de las pocas actividades donde aún se puede susbisistir minimamente (de momento) son la docencia y poco a poco las licencias, al menos, es de los pocos ingresos en el negocio de la música que han subido, dejo artículos sobre el tema:

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