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Surviving Music School...On a Budget

For any student, much less a student of music, life is expensive. The following article presents a few helpful tools to lessen the financial burden of studying music and surviving music school on a budget.

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Keeping a Music Practice Log

It goes without saying that practicing is the most important aspect of studying music. But in order for your practicing to be most effective, you need to plan out practice sessions, set goals for yourself and work through technical issues in an organized manner. Keeping a music practice log is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track and it is a great way to track your progress.

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10 Music Practice Tips

If you want to improve on your instrument, practicing is 90% of the process. (We’ll get into the other 10% later) So here are 10 music practice tips to make the most out of your practice time.

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Featured Reviews

The Musician's Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance and Wellness

In this book, released in 2009, author Gerald Klickstein offers practical advice and step by step action plans for the practicing and professional musician on how to practice, how to develop into a performing artist, how to overcome anxiety in performance and prevent physical and mental injury.

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Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory Version 3 CD-ROM

This software program offers a complete curriculum of music fundamentals from the basics (music notation) to more complex concepts (figured bass and forms).

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Pitch Switch 4

A review of the pitch and tempo changing software.

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Additional Helpful Articles

Why Take Private Music Lessons

An article about the power of music and the advantage of studying privately. Written by Regina Zona and published on

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So You Want to Be the Next American Idol

An article addressing what it really takes to be a professional singer. Written by Regina Zona and published on

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