For Teachers: The Performing Vocal Teacher – How to Keep Singing with an Active Private Studio

Performing while maintaining a teaching schedule can prove to be a difficult endeavor, given all of the other aspects of our busy lives.  Discovering the best ways to search for auditions, network, and sing will help to maximize time spent away from the teaching studio.  As a performing teacher, you … Continue reading

For Students: Collaborating With an Accompanist

Without a doubt, beyond any single technique a singer might choose to study, one of the most valuable assets a singer has at their disposal is a close working relationship with an excellent accompanist. However, despite the value of an accompanist’s ear and musicality, singers at times forget that they … Continue reading

For Teachers: The Solo Voice vs. the Choral Voice

A stereotypical division exists within the minds of both music instructors and singers and this divide is often described as “the solo voice vs. the choral voice.” Heard frequently in many studios are phrases such as, “This is how you sing in choir. But, this is how you sing with … Continue reading